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couple and pet gearart customize iphone case

About Gearart

About Gearart

About Us

Our Story

Mr. NG, the co-founder of GEARART, once owned a kitten called Gig when he was young. Gig is a blue British shorthair cat, a very well-behaved and lively male cat. At that time, Mr. NG had an elderly grandmother in his hometown, who was 75 years old. She lived alone in a house in a small country. She worked in her small field every day, took care of herself, and repeated the same life every day alone. What can bring a surprise to Mr. Ng’s grandmother was the reunion with Mr. NG every weekend.

Mr.NG, who is extremely close to his 75-year-old grandmother, would take the time to drive 3 hours to his grandmother’s countryside house every weekend.

When the workload became so overbearing and he had to slow down on his visits, he left his adorable, somewhat terrified British shorthair cat, Gig, with his grandma. They quickly became friends and Gig acted as a sort of spiritual replacement for Mr. NG.

Gig would accompany grandma to grow vegetables in the fields, help grandma catch mice and snakes, and often give grandma some “surprises”.

In the third year, Gig spent the last time of her life with Mr. NG’s grandma. He was very sad, because Gig was emotional sustenance for grandma, and Gig was also a substitute for Mr. NG who was fighting outside.

The special company of grandma is a bridge between generations, and it is also the driving force for a reunion every once in a while. Although it is just a cat, it carries family affection and longing.

Mr.NG commissioned an artist friend to create a painting of Gig with his grandmother, after realizing they don’t have a real picture together.

Whenever he thinks of his grandma and Gig, he can take a look at the group photo of everyone together. Mr. NG believes that many people have the same regret because when he shared his custom phone case with friends around him, or accidentally let people see this phone case on social media, everyone was very curious.

Many people saw it, many people asked, and everyone thought that they might not have an exclusive photo with their closest people as well. They were busy with life, and shy, but did not have the opportunity and courage to take a photo with their family members.

For people, sometimes true death can be oblivion. Some people may want to keep the best memory in their life and express it in the form of art, but they are unable to do it themselves.

Dive into the world of Gearart

Were you one of the people who spent a lot of time looking at old pictures during the lull the pandemic caused? 

 You probably have lots of pictures of your pet. How much of it is with them?

 Is there a day in your life you really loved? A day you wish you had taken more pictures?

GEARART allows you to capture a moment in time on the back of your phone.

couple custom phone case design

Our Mission

Gearart cases are not only designed for their sole purpose of existence, but for what they represent and what stories they tell. Cases that let you break the boundaries of conformity, unleash your potential and genuine creativity.

Btw – our cases also protect your iPhone. Get your accessory and make a statement. Be you, be unique, be Gearart!

What our costumers say

I loved the case since the moment I opened my box! Its color and design are absolutely stunning and the most important thing is giving your phone a great protection! Definitely worth buying it!
Ordered this silicone case for a friend and I’m blown away with the quality. He really loves the brightness and boldness of it. Fits my friend’s iPhone 12 pro like a glove with an extra lip to protect the edges. Totally worth the price. Just go for it!
Ultimate silicone, great material, non slippery and makes you iPhone 12 look beautiful. I am very happy with this case after trying several others.

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