Art Trends | What Is the Difference Between Design and Technique?

May 16, 2022art2 comments

Art and Design Trends to Watch For

Visual arts and graphic design trends reflect nuances in creativity. Artists are constantly pushing the boundaries and discovering new ways to express individuality through art and design. With technology always advancing, graphic artists are exploring new platforms and tools to test their creations. 

We are seeing an explosion of new-age art trends that are changing the world of graphic design. Whether you’re an artist, an avid art collector, or simply an admirer of beautiful creations, keeping up with trends in this space allows you to tap into these artistic discoveries. From the graphic artists at GEARART who create one-of-a-kind phone cases, here are some of our favorite art and design trends to watch for this year.

Visual Art Events

Art shows have always been a popular attraction. But now more than ever they are trending among artists and art enthusiasts alike, as a popular weekend activity. Museums, galleries, and art festivals are now using online platforms to create virtual exhibits for art lovers to attend globally. This trending new way to experience art is allowing more and more people to enjoy famous artworks and new creations from all around the world. 

Crypto Art

Crypto art is a form of artwork based on technology provided by our increasingly digital world. The digital design of crypto art allows you to buy, sell, collect, and trade digital artwork online. There are several forms of crypto art, such as digital graphics, music, virtual reality dreamscapes, and programmable art.

Street Art

One artform that never goes out of style: street art. Enjoyed by pedestrians and passersby, street artists have been focusing their creations to honor healthcare workers, public figures, and societal leaders. More and more we are seeing street art displaying inspiring messages speaking out against injustices, and promoting equality, equity, and social change in beautiful, colorful displays. 

An Appreciation for Nature

More and more we see artists incorporating nature and the elements into their designs. This trend is allowing artists to escape from the confines of modern city life and express their concerns for the global crisis and the environment.

Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art is having a major moment. African artists are leveraging digital technology to present their unique style, culture, and heritage through graphic design. 

Memphis Art

If you’re unfamiliar with Memphis art, this style incorporates colorful and geometric shapes and designs. Popular in the 1980’s, this design trend is reappearing in clothes, art, and interior design.

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