7 DIY Ways To Remember Your Pet After Their Death

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Even with time to prepare yourself for the loss, it’s never easy to let go of our furry family. Yet, they wouldn’t want you to be sad for too long. Remember how your dog would always bump their head to your hand if they sensed you were distressed? How your cat would quietly sit beside you for hours?

So, you have to take the time to pay homage. The pain will never truly disappear, but you’ll know they’re with you through personalizable phone cases and engraving jewelry items.

7 DIY Ways To Remember Your Beloved Pet

1. Design A Custom Phone Case

What’s the one time you always carry with you? Even if you were to forget your wallet at home, you wouldn’t forget this one? Your phone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your dog’s face on the back cover? Then, every time you flip your phone, you would be able to see your pet’s adorable face?

Better yet, when designing phone cases, you could focus on a moment in time. A picture of a precious memory you have with your cat or a collage picture of all the silly things you have caught them doing. You don’t even have to have a capture of the memory.

GEARART has artists on hand for this purpose. Send them a picture of your pet and a detailed description of the memory you want to capture.

To design the phone case:

  • Head over to GEARART’s Design For You page.
  • Choose a phone model among the options. Click on Next.
  • In the phone case is designed for section, write me.
  • On the with a theme of box, write pet.
  • You can choose theme colors from their vast color palette, or you can hit Next to skip. If you skip selecting a color, their artist will surprise you with their color preference.
  • You can add a text in the next part or skip it.
  • Add a picture of your pet in the next window. Yourself if you want to be part of the image.
  • You can choose between cartoon, oil painting, drawing, and gothic style. Of course, for a beloved pet, you’ll probably be happy with drawing or oil painting.
  • In the last box, you can add clear instructions on what you want in the image.
  • Toggle on Agree and click Next.
  • You’ll be directed to the payment page.

GEARART will use the information to draw, design, and produce the moment and print a high-quality version of it on a clear case. You have to be patient for 14 days, and then your new personalized phone case will be on your porch.

2. Plant A Tree In Their Memory

Your furry friend definitely had a place in the garden they frequented. A special place they would run to.

Plant a flower or tree in remembrance on the spot. Then, take care of the plant, water it and watch it grow. It will give you something to look forward to while the wound from losing a beloved is still fresh.

3. A Bracelet Out Of A Collar

If you’re looking to celebrate your dog’s memory, and you have its leash or collar, you could make a bracelet from it. You can make their tag a part of the design by engraving it into a bar.

Some people place a bell collar on their cat for fun. If you had something like that, you could turn the bell into a part of a threaded bracelet.

4. Build An Outdoor Memorial

Sometimes, the best way to mourn someone is to give yourself the time to say bye to them. You can build a headstone with the name, birthdate, and departure on it or carve it on a wooden bench.

If none of these are possible, you can inscribe their name on a tree. Then, prepare a funeral for them with people who loved your pet. No, it’s not dramatic. There’s nothing wrong with giving your furry friend the respect they deserve in death.

5. Create A Photo Collage

Like personalizable phone cases, photo collages are a genius way to think of your pet. You can have a collage on the back of your phone case and on the wall of your living room.

These photos will remind you of a time when you were happy with them. You would know they felt loved and safe in their time with you. It’s a good reminder to have.

6. Create A Quilt In Their Memory

If you have some talent in sewing, you could try creating a memory quilt with the favorite pictures of your pet. Otherwise, you can always turn to a local seamster. You can find a sewing whizz online too. A talented individual would be able to sew in special words you want.

Wrapping the memory quilt around you will feel like a warm hug from your loved friend.

7. Create A Pottery Bowl

This one would be a good way to take your mind off the pain temporarily. Sign up for a pottery class. Learn how to mold a mug, bowl, or any dishware your pet was particularly fond of. As the last finishing touch, paint a picture of them on it.

The time you spent in pottery classes, concentrating on creating the perfect bowl and painting it, would prevent the presence of negative thoughts. Yet, you would be commemorating your pet in a healthy way.

Final Thoughts

Among the 7 DIY ways to remember your pet, we’re personally fond of designing phone cases in their honor and collar bracelet idea. They are always with you this way. The pottery class idea is another hit for us, mainly because it’s a way to gain a new skill, find something to concentrate on, and a lovely way to remember your pet.


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