Five Ways to Support Artists

May 4, 2022art1 comment

Arts are an exciting component of a thriving local community. If you’re a lover of the arts, you probably want to do all you can to help support your local artists given the vibrance these small businesses and online creatives provide. Here are five ways that you can support artists to help keep the arts scene flourishing.

Purchase Art Online

The worldwide web has truly enhanced the ability of local artists to be able to showcase their products to a wider audience. It also provides a huge benefit for you, allowing you exposure to a myriad of possibilities from the art world. Buying art online is a fantastic way to support artists.

As you look for art online, you will find anything and everything ranging from portraits and wall art to unique collectibles and even great ways to show your style like beautiful phone cases. Buying art online is an excellent way to support your local artists and helps people be able to make their living through their craft. You’ll also have a beautiful work of art that serves as a great conversational piece.


Support Artists on Social Media

Social media has become a centerpiece of our lives in virtually every avenue. Thus, it is no surprise that a great way to support your local artist is through social media. There are many things you can do that would be greatly appreciated. Giving a five-star review on popular review sites like Yelp, Google Business, or Facebook would be particularly valuable for new artists who are trying to grow their business. Leaving a message about their work can also help new buyers find them.

You can also use social media as a personal testimonial to your followers. This is a great way to help hype your favorite artist. Whether you are posting a pic of their work with a link to their website or sharing how to sign up for classes they are instructing, you can use your social media to help your fellow arts-minded friends discover new artists to check out.

Attend Art Festivals & Exhibitions

A great way to support your local artists is to attend art shows and exhibitions. While places with strong arts scenes are likely to have many options for this, even smaller towns with growing arts scenes will likely have a few. Summer is particularly a great time to discover your new favorite artist at different art festivals or fairs. At many of these, you can even chat with the artists.

If things like art festivals are a bit too boisterous for you, another great way to discover new artists is to attend exhibitions. Many cities and towns have a number of art galleries that host periodic exhibitions. These are generally more intimate settings and attending one can really make an artist’s day.

art festivals and exhibition

Take An Arts Class

Whether you are artistic yourself or would just like to learn a bit more about art, taking an arts class is a great way to do so! This will also help support your local artists. Many artists are very passionate about helping others learn about art and getting them exposure. Thus, many artists teach arts classes.

You may think that you need to have some experience with art to be able to take a class; however, this is not necessarily the case. Many classes are particularly created for the beginner in mind, helping them learn some techniques and paint something that they can take home and proudly display. You can find arts classes at many places such as community centers or local businesses. I’ve even recently attended one at a local microbrewery where we all painted pictures of our dogs.


Commission a Custom Work

One of the biggest sources of income for artists comes from custom commissions. These provide great opportunities for your favorite artist to get some income while being able to create something amazing to your specifications. The ability to collaborate in the creative process, providing them with an idea that they bring to fruition is also an exciting part of supporting artists in this manner.

You may decide to order a custom dining room set from your local carpenter or a family portrait in watercolor from an artist you met at a gallery. The options are endless. You can also find wonderful artists online that accept commissions. Chances are that if there is something you would like, you’ll be able to find an artist that can bring it to life. For example, provides you with the ability to commission artists to design an artisan cell phone case for your phone.

Final Thoughts

Supporting your local artists is a great way to help support the overarching arts scene while also helping provide them with the ability to make their small businesses a success. If you want to help strengthen the arts, consider these five great ways to support your favorite artists!

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