5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Nature-Loving Mom

Apr 26, 2022Gift Ideas3 comments

Out of all the special days, mother’s day gifts are the hardest to find. Nothing ever seems to come close to expressing your gratitude for what they do for you. And nothing probably will. But you can get across some of it by tailoring your gift to their preference.

If your mom is a nature lover with a soft spot for anything earthy, we have some DIY ideas such as pretty phone cases to make your mom happy.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Nature-Loving Moms

Nature Phone Case

Our phone cases are something of a statement piece. It signals to others what kind of things interest us or what we find adorable. Your mother would have a grand time meeting her friends with nature-themed pretty phone cases.

It’s a simple gesture but one that’s bound to make her happy. Every time she looks at the phone case, she would remember you gave it to her as a gift. What kind of nature scenario is she a fan of? A hut by green pastures or a river running side by side with the mountains? You can find all kinds of options on GEARART.

You want to make her happier? Show the extent of your thoughtfulness? Make your own phone cases with the custom design option from GEARART. You can send a picture or a nature design idea along with any text you want to be printed on the phone case.

It could be a picture of your mom planting a tree in your backyard. Our team of professional artists will turn an animated version of it your mom won’t be able to stop gushing about.


Fun Indoor and Outdoor Planters

Planters are different from pots in that you could keep a bunch of mini-plants in one. Buy a couple of them and your mom could have an entire indoor garden on the balcony or window. If your mom has been planning on creating her dream backyard garden for a while, these planters would encourage her to get started on her mission.

You will find some pretty planters on the market or you could paint a ceramic one yourself with small green plants. These days, you can even find bookend planters.

Wooden Keychain

Your mom has a habit of misplacing her keys? She can never find her car keys and the house keys always disappear at the bottom of her purse?

A wooden keychain will give her a place to sort all her keys. She would be locking herself out of the house less often and will have a pretty keychain with her always. For wooden keys, you should aim for the ones with an engraving of trees or similar artwork.

Green Skincare Products

If your mom loves nature, she definitely supports green skincare products. Made with renewable plant ingredients, the low use of toxins is better for nature in the long run. These conscious choices are one of the ways we can preserve our environment.

Your mom probably uses lots of green skincare products. However, it’s never a bad idea to gift her more. Of course, you have to confirm her precious face wash is almost over. She wouldn’t like wasting older products!


Smart Garden System

Despite all the new inventions, technology still manages to surprise us. Did you know, smart garden systems exist?

You can make grown fresh herbs and fruits in your kitchen. These smart garden systems need you to place the plant food inside, add some water, turn on the light and then close the lid of the machine.

Due to the lighting system, you don’t have to expose these plants to the actual sunlight. Yet, the herbs and fruits that grow on these tiny trees are always garden fresh. Once you set it up, the food and water for the plants to grow are automatically controlled. Your mom doesn’t have to do any extra labor for it at all.

Final Thoughts

Try out some of these unique mother’s day gift ideas for your nature-loving mom! You can start with pretty phone cases and surprise her with other nature-themed presents every year on the day. Hell, set aside some surprises for her birthday too!


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