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Help stray pet home!
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Help stray pet home!
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hi lovely,

GearArt will start support activities for the protection of homeless human partners!

GearArt launched pet theme designs since start-up and gained the likes of plenty of pet owners during this period. Mr.Right (GearArt’s founder) feels pleased to participate in the lovely moments between our clients and their furry buddies in terms of helping freeze the incredible and wonderful moments through the designer’s paintings. 
In the process of running the pet series, we noticed that Furry buddies have brought many warm moments and laughter to pet families, which shows how angelic they are. But at the same time, we learned that pets are lost, strayed, and even euthanized every day around the world and that the number is rising because of overbreeding. Some of the homeless pets are housed and raised in shelters until a new adopter is found or they are euthanized when a new batch of pets comes in and a lack of space. Beyond that, food and money are also the main difficulty for shelters to treat as many stray pets as possible.

Therefore, GearArt plans to generate an online information display platform for pets in shelters on finding and retrieving, to help increase their chances of being displayed and known, so as to find an adopter to accompany each other and a cozy home. In addition, we are willing to provide free pet portrait design services to every adopter of the shelters we cooperate with!

Stray pets Statistic

According to the survey of ASPCA,  approximately 6300,000 companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide each year, of which 920,000 (14.6%) are euthanized, 4,100,000 (65%) are only adopted, and 810,000 ( 12.9%) only stray animals in shelters were successfully returned to their owners. About 40% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners learned about their pets through word of mouth in a survey of pet owners, with most getting their dogs from a breeder (34%) ( Source: APPA). In other words, a number of pets in shelters may lose their chance to survive before they are seen and known.

GearArt's supports:

  • Donate to shelters that get in touch with us (For the shelters)
  • Design an artistic portrait for you and your adopted pet for free (For the adopters)

What can you help with?

Help stray pets find a home:
Adopt a pet, instead of buying
Help with lack of space in shelters:
Apply for being Foster home/family
Help with over-breed:
Donate for strays to have a vet and do sterilize

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Bring stray pets home OR Help the lost pets find home

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If you’re from a shelter and need some help, please fill the info below to get in touch with GearArt.

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