Five Unconventional Ways to Showcase Your Art

Jun 2, 2022art2 comments

Do you have artwork, but you are unsure how to exhibit it in your house or workspace? To come up with a unique way of displaying your artwork while incorporating your personality in the display requires thinking outside the box. You can choose to print on a phone case, use a bookshelf, create a grid, etc.

To have you motivated, GEARART has complied five tried and proven unconventional ways to showcase your art.

What Are Five Unconventional Ways to Showcase Your Art?

Printing on a Phone Case

Your art, most of the time, tends to be personal. Therefore, you need to showcase it using items that are closely attached to you. A phone case will be the best choice to consider. Whether it is your photos, best film images, your own car art, or even a house art, GEARART will provide you with designer phone cases.

At GEARART, we provide you with two custom phone case packages: DIY, and Design for you. Going for DIY will provide you with an opportunity to design your own art on a phone case by yourself. The package comes with high-resolution printing and a one-year warranty.

Design for your package will allow you to get designer phone cases from quality artists with 100% unique design, and high protection. Father’s Day is just around the corner. And if your dad is into tech gear, we have just the custom gift idea for you. Submit your requirements and surprise him with the best Father’s Day gift ever – a phone case featuring your dad and his favorite child.

Layering art on shelves or mantles

To make the art relocation easy while achieving great modification of your house, you can consider layering the artwork on the shelves or mantles. Mounting a big piece of art on the wall and then leaning the rest just below it on the bookshelf can help you achieve a beautiful design.

Alternatively, you can choose a combination of wood prints, acrylic prints, and gallery frames, creating an unconventional and fascinating style in your room.

Use bookshelves to showcase the art

Display your artwork on bookshelves! Print a favorite photo and line it on the backside of a bookcase. This gives your decor a new depth – one of those simple elements that can make a big difference!

You can also have your framed photo displayed on the front side of your bookshelf. You will always be seeing the artwork as long as you take a book to read. The memories will keep reappearing to you when you see the art. Your library or living room will have a daring and unconventional look.

Create a grid

Displaying many pieces of art in a tight grid gives it a single-piece look. You can use various colorful trips or event photography to serve as the wall’s core motif, but each piece represents wonderful work of art on its own. This art display is ideal for a huge blank space above a bed frame, sofa, or entryway.

Use the corner side of a house

You can choose to hang your artworks on the corners of a corridor or “corner gallery wall” to create a point of focus for anyone going through that area in your house.


Having a unique way to display your artwork is very important. It creates fulfillment for anyone interested in quality designs of a house or arts. Get in touch with GEARART to understand how to design your own art and get unique designer phone cases.


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