10 Trending Seasonal Phone Case Patterns

Jun 14, 2022art2 comments

Seasonal changes are inevitable in every aspect of human life. How people design things from clothes to phone cases will not be exempted from the seasonal changes. Over the last few years, graphics have become even more pertinent. Many people have learned more about graphic design. To help you stay up to date with the seasonal trends, we have highlighted some of the trending patterns in 2022, such as maximalism, earth prints, heritage patterns, etc.

What Are 10 Trending Seasonal Patterns?


Maximalism is a design style that features many diverse patterns, bright colors, and tailored collections. It pushes you to make the most of your available space. It’s all about layering with maximalist designs, ranging from cabana stripes to animal prints. GEARART artwork designs allow you to personalize your Maximalism patterns on phone covers.

Natural patterns

Natural patterns are among the seasonal trends in 2022 that seek to embrace nature. Many people using these patterns are looking for a feeling of being outside. You can use varied styles like traditional, Hollywood glam, etc. Check out DIY at GEARART to find the natural pattern that will suit you well.

Stone and Grey

Patterns with stone and grey tones are making a comeback in 2022. Numerous designers will strive to maintain the same hues of grey but with upgraded methods.  Stone and grey look well in hexagonal, modular, and basket-weave designs.

Community and heritage patterns

Due to the rise in local artisans, the community and heritage patterns will be among the seasonal trends in 2022. Many wallpapers, phone cases, and wall photos will reflect local features and towns.

Bold botanicals

As the technology keeps improving, we will see tiles having metallic lines, matte glaze, and embossed features. Also, the patterns used in wallpapers are going to be incorporated into phone cases and covers.

Global Fusion

Global fusion is one of the trending patterns in this season, involving a mixture of different natural styles to develop unique designs for textiles, fabrics, glass, etc.

Animal prints

The lovers of animals, this is the pattern for you in 2022. Most carpets, clothes, wallpapers, and phone case designs will have animal skin patterns and other animal features. You can use GEARART DIY, or Design for you to create a unique animal print on your protective cases for iPhone.

Soothing and cozy patterns

This style is more about the colors than the pattern itself. The trend began with millennial pink and has since expanded to include soft greens, blues, and yellows. The trick to these pastel pops is to use less intense colors and an almost dusty appearance.

Large scale patterns

Although we have been used to having pattern designs on small tech accessories, we will have many of these patterns on large items like furniture, house walls, etc. This is because many people are embracing and falling in love with seasonal trends in patterns.

Eco dying and Homemade

Plants that are dying naturally are wrapped in textiles or paper, then bundled and stacked on top of each other. They are then steamed or put in hot water to get the pigments out of the fabric.


As times keep changing, the trending patterns also change or get modified. Get the above patterns in GEARART for your artworks.


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